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Checkout my review in The Patch! This is by far the best in-home music teaching service in this area. Reliable, great teachers, fair prices, and on-time service. The MTC staff is always eager to help with any issues regarding the weekly lessons. – Joanne Lewis

Stan – We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the teachers you’ve sent us over the many years. They are all talented and enthusiastic teachers and you’ve chosen well. Our Children have greatly benefited. Thank you so much. -Audrey and Jack

Stan – Just wanted you to know how well Steve is working out. My kids are really enjoying their lessons. His personality and technique are wonderful. Thanks! -Diane H.

Just wanted you to know that my kids really like Jon Zucchi and his teaching style. He is really interested in each child for their own talents and abilities. The summer lessons are a good idea! -Claire G.

Gerry is a very caring person. What a lovely human being! He is extremely caring and warm towards Andrew (and Andrew needs that). “Thank you” and Bless you always. -Carole B.

Catherine and Ryan enjoyed their piano lesson with Sarah! I think it’s going to be a good fit! – Sue Ellen M.

I just had to write to give you some positive feedback. Alyssa is THRILLED with her piano lessons. I haven’t met Mariana yet, but she is certainly a hit with Alyssa. She absolutely loves her! She told me today that piano lessons are her favorite activity. So, please put us down to continue in the next session. -Stacie B.

We just met Jonathan and Alex really enjoyed him and his teaching style! I think it will be a great fit. Thank you once again for your time. We’re looking forward to more lessons! -Monica

Thank you so much for sending Charlie our way. He has made the piano learning experience fun, relaxing and successful! I would like my son to continue in the fall. -Jennifer W.

Thanks for accommodating my request to change dates. Charlie is here today – how lucky you are to have such a talent added to your staff! I look forward to many sessions and my boys growing to love piano. -Kathleen C.

Please pass along our thanks to Mark Nathanson. Before him, we were having alot of trouble getting John interested in music. We are very happy with the effect Mark has had on John. John really loves drums and even performing/music generally now. -Gus B.

Stan – We are all enjoying our lessons so much. My children are gaining tremendous confidence from their progress. Please accept our thanks for providing us with wonderful teachers and the opportunity to enjoy learning music in our own home. -Liz W.

Just to let you know, the guys (Skot and Jacob) have such a wonderful relationship developing – they work very seriously and then they “jam”. While the drums are still first and foremost in his life, the guitar has become a passion thanks to Skot. It is not unusual to have to tell Jacob he must stop playing and he must go to bed to rest for the next day. Thanks for sending Skot to Jacob. They are magic together – I am guessing that this is true for every student that Scot has! -Camilla H.

Stan – My husband and I would like to extend and extra “Thank You” to you! We have been so amazed at Alex’s progress since you started teaching him jazz. He has been practicing hard and thoroughly enjoys every minute of it. It is very refreshing to sit in the evening and listen to him play. We are honored that you have chosen to teach him and we will continue to give him the gift of music lessons. Thank you for sharing your talent with Alex!
-Monica A.

Hi, Stan — I just wanted to tell you how fantastic Charlie is. He is an engaging, inspiring, creative musician, extremely knowledgeable, and more than a teacher; a friend and so, so wonderful! We love the World Music and his openness. Thank you so much! – Joanne B.

Dear Gerry — Best Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving! Wish we weren’t moving to Colorado. We are are really going to miss you. Not only have you given Alexander the gift of piano, but you have also contributed the gift of your positivity to his growth and maturity.                –Elizabeth