Learning Music by Video Tutorials? Why It Does Not Work.

We are constantly being inundated with text messages, emails, Twitter, Instagram, and FaceBook. It’s the way we all communicate today. There is really no way to get around.

The same is happening with piano and guitar lessons.

I recently saw this ad on my FaceBook page: “Learn to play piano in a week. Not years”. Yeah, right. Banging out a few chords displayed on a screen is NOT the way to learn a musical instrument. Proper technique cannot be taught in a video.

Hands-on one-on-one education is critical in the early years of musical study.

Bad habits are very easy to form which in the long run can be injurious to the student. Consider studying piano, guitar, saxophone and flute with Music Teachers Collaborative. Personal, in-home lessons taught by professional musicians who genuinely care about the students they tutor. Not an impersonal video on a screen that can’t speak with you.

We listen to your concerns and needs.

MTC designs a program suited to what you want to play and our teachers are by your side every step of the way. Call 508-479-4256 today or sign up for lessons at www.nemtc.com.

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