Joys of Playing A Musical Instrument

No matter your musical instrument of choice, the passion and opportunities are the same.

The piano has been my friend and go-to place whenever I have the need to be creative or just the desire to play my favorite songs. The same is true for any musician these days from Chick Corea to Billy Joel. Taylor Swift to Rhiana. Justin Bieber to Bruno Mars. The list is endless.

They all have the same passion in common and they worked very hard on playing their musical instrument to get to where they are today.

Your musical instrument is your safe place.

Once you get to that place where you can’t be without it, there are no boundaries or limitations on what you can do. If you love creating, make a musical instrument one of your passions. Learn to play the piano, or guitar or Saxophone. You will not regret the time spent practicing or performing. It is such a Joy to Play a Musical Instrument!

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