The Language Called Music

The Language of MUSIC is Universal

You could go to CHINA, ITALY, JAPAN, GERMANY, RUSSIA . . . ANY FOREIGN COUNTRY IN THE WORLD and perform a musical piece. Without speaking their native language, you will be  understood. So, you all speak a second language (maybe a third).



What is this foreign language called MUSIC?

Very simply we attach a word to each of the letters and it will define itself:

  • Movement which music makes us feel physically and emotionally.
  • Understanding the symbols that make up this universal language.
  • Skills needed to execute the sounds on your instrument.
  • Intelligence which musicians all have an abundance of to be able to interpret the symbols used to make such wonderful sounds. And last, but certainly not least, is
  • Commitment.  A commitment not only from the MTC students who have spent hours learning to express themselves through this other language called “music”, but also from the parents who are committed to helping their child realize the importance of making the connection between music and life’s skills.

The language of Music is a collaborative effort of teacher, student, and parents.

Consider offering your child or children music lessons this school year. Go to www.nemtc to register today. You will be glad you did and so will your children.

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