The Power of Positve Affirmations

Practice PianoMany times throughout my teaching career I have heard my students say “I can’t play that”. I tell them that there is no such word in the music dictionary. I take out my portable dictionary from my briefcase and show them. “Wow, Maestro Stan, you’re right!” It doesn’t exist in the world of music education. I tell my students as they are attempting to practice the piece of music on the piano to think to themselves or say out loud:


Inevitably, they are able to get through the difficult measure or measures of music with a focused mind to make the connection between the brain and the fingers. This is such a critical part of the learning process in any field, but more so in trying to master a musical instrument. In addition to reading the notes on the page, figuring out which fingers to use and how to execute a certain phrase or passage, i.e, legato, staccato, forte or piano, the student needs to know that they CAN play it.

The following is a series of positive affirmations that have worked for me over the years in many aspects of my life. I hope that they can can help you out, too!

     10 Affirmations that Inspire Music Practice

  1. “I’m grateful to be able to make music.”
  2. “I open my heart to the richness of my musical adventure.”
  3. “I embrace challenges as opportunities to advance.”
  4. “I’m confident in my abilities.”
  5. “I trust in my capacity to grow.”
  6. “I look forward to today’s discoveries.”
  7. “It’s beautiful to practice. I love to practice.”
  8. “Music is my true love.”
  9. “I’m fortunate to be able to pursue my love of music.”
  10. “I’m thankful to all the people who have supported my music making.

Parents, MTC thanks you for supporting your talented children as they take the journey toward becoming a musician.

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