How to Practice A Musical Instrument

Practicing Your Musical Instrument Makes Perfect Sense – when done this way.

The dedicated and talented instructors at Music Teachers Collaborative believe it is better for a younger student to spend 10 to 15 minutes practicing their musical instrument several times a day than to sit and practice for an hour or longer. Fatigue will set in and lack of interest. If you miss a day, not to worry. Continue with your practice the following day and in the same manner.

As difficult as it seems to the teachers (we just love to play our instruments) kids have other things to do besides practicing. They don’t prioritize (not yet, anyway) this activity and until they make the connection between practicing and making music fun, it will be a struggle. Not a lost battle, however. Just a longer one for some kids.

The end result will be incredible rewards of self-esteem and an “I can play anything I want” attitude on the student’s chosen instrument because they spent the time to master the skills to do so.

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