Music is the Universal Language

Music is one of the most common ‘languages’ spoken (or played) around the world. People of all nationalities listen to, play, learn, and teach music on a variety of instruments. No matter what language(s) you speak, music can be understood in any country around the globe. It’s amazing!

Most children learn music skills, such as rhythm and melody, starting from preschool or kindergarten, and continuing at least until secondary school. Many also learn an instrument with lessons outside of school.

One-on-one is the most proficient way to learn a new instrument. The aspiring musician needs a professional instructor to physically be by your side to guide you in the intricacies of learning to play an instrument. Be it percussion, woodwinds, guitar or piano.

Did you know: The piano is the best instrument to learn to play first, even if you are interested in playing a different one. The piano is one of the few truly visible instruments with its 88 Keys masterfully displayed in front of you to pick and chose the correct keys in combination to make wonderful sounds. This can free up your other mind skills to focus on learning rhythms, phrasing, dynamics and tone. And probably the best feature of learning to play the piano first… the student is learning treble AND bass clef. They can then go on to play just about any instrument in their school jazz or concert band.

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