Interpretation of Musical Symbols

Each child, as you well know, is an individual; they all have their own needs, likes and dislikes.  Well, the same likes and dislikes can be seen in a child when they are interpreting a given piece of music.  It might be a note, which many students have told me while practicing a piece, that they don’t like the way it sounds; so, we find a way to change it so they themselves likes the way it sounds. Again, making that child an individual with their own aesthetic needs.  A certain rhythm may not sit right with the performer…

Each student is able to take a piece of music and see it, hear it, feel it and are able by doing this “make it their own” as no other musician in the world would play it the way they are going to today or tomorrow.  That’s the beauty of performing music.  You have a sort of poetic license to become one with the song by playing it from your heart.

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