What Is A Dedicated Music Teacher?

Music can change the world because itA Dedicated Teacher is one who thinks personally about each member on the student roster and feels committed to finding and developing each student’s abilities, talents, and passions.

A Dedicated Teacher is always willing to learn, learn, learn and then re-learn.

There is no perfect method that works for every single student that crosses your path. Take the initiative YOURSELF to do research on different methods. Re-study pieces you learned yourself as a child and see if you have some different ideas about the interpretation than you did before.

A Dedicated Teacher uses psychology when dealing with their students. Understanding the different ways people learn, reason and communicate is vital when helping them reach their full potential.

Positive reinforcement is a much stronger motivator than negative condemnation.

An effective Teacher/Student relationship is based on Trust.  An Honorable Teacher must demonstrate at all times his/her worthiness of this trust.

Punctuality, dependability and concern for personal growth are qualities all music teachers must internalize.

Translate your excellent performing skills into a language that your students can understand. Adapting presentations to each individual student is an invaluable skill when teaching. A music teacher MUST be able to convey thoughts and concepts to young children, adults, teenagers, males and females of all walks in life.

MTC instructors ARE Dedicated Teachers!

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